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MP3 tp Wav files in winamp v. 3

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  • MP3 tp Wav files in winamp v. 3

    I downloaded the disk writer plug to convert mp3 to wav, but I am not sure how to get it to work....can anyone help?

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    Make up your playlist of the files you want converted then select all>right click on a filename>Convert>Convert to PCMWAV.

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      Same problem here

      I have Winamp 3 Build#488 (x86) August 7 2002 and....
      I DonĀ“t have the option convert to:-(
      Do i have to put in a plug-ins or??



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        Did you install the Diskwriter plugin? If so, when you restart WA3 and go to preferences (CTRL-P), then "Diskwriter" should be listed in the "Audio" grouping towards the bottom. Click on it, and select the format that you want to convert to, and the directory in which you'd like the files to be stored.

        Go back out into Winamp, and right click on the files you wish to convert. Click on convert -> convert to . If you still have the preferences window enabled you will see the status of the diskwriter plugin change from "Idle" to "xx % complete", and the file will appear to be playing rapidly without sound. When complete, the folder that you chose should contain the file that you wanted.
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