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(almost) complete breakdown

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  • (almost) complete breakdown

    Okay.. All I did was d/l two new skins and now Winamp does the following:
    Doesn't show its face when I double click the icon: the window on the taskbar is there, but I can't see it.
    Sometimes, through random clicking, the playlist appears, but no bbuttons work. I can't bring up the control menu, left clicking does nothing, the playlist editor buttons don't work, etc.
    I've re-installed twice.
    I tired of trying to fix it myself.
    I need help. For another reason unexplained, Winamp2 stopped playing my MP3 files, so now all I have is wmas that play on that, and since I converted half of them, I have about 1/4th my normal library. Winamp3 plays them fine, perfectly. Windows media player sucks massive deer testicle, and I don't want to use it instead of winamp3, so help me out.
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