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ok um can u kik nero media players butt?

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  • ok um can u kik nero media players butt?

    nero media player takes over my music files and doesnt let winamp 3 even open for me, for soem reason teh way winamp 3 is built its kiked to kurb by nero, i would liek to see nero kiked to teh kurb with new version of winamp ( i cant get rid of nero totaly, and thats tech saport prob )
    anyways good job ,and the visualisations on winamp is what makes it my fav!!! im a visiual persone o.o

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    um.... if you are having problems with file assosciations, this might help. depending on what version of windows you have, you SHOULD be able to acces folder options either via the "tools" toolbar while having a folder (i.e. my documents) open, or through the control panels -> folder options. click on the file assosciations tab (should be the one on the far right). it will generate a list of probably a thousand or so three letter prefixes for file types. find ".mp3" in the list, and click on "Opens with" and file winamp, double click it. from now on whenever you double click on a mp3 it will open with winamp.

    now, about your broken english ...


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      ..or Open Winamp3 -> Press Ctrl+P -> go to System/Media -> make sure the file associations you want Winamp3 to use is selected in the menu -> close Preferences -> restart Winamp3.

      And yes, about this broken english of yours...
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        woah havent bin here for a while, well about my broken english.. its my second language and i know i cant spell worth sh%$ but since u could understand me enough to reply...
        sorry anyways

        btw ill try out yer tips