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Winamp closing incorrectly

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  • Winamp closing incorrectly

    I downloaded Winamp 3 and installed it correctly.
    I use Italian Windows 2000 Professional; when I changed skin, all worked fine, but when I closed Winamp, the OS sayed that the program had made an illegal oeration, and next time I opened Winamp 3, it appeared with the default skin .
    So I uninstalled it and reinstalled and so it worked perfectly, even if I changed skin, Winamp no longer shut down incorrectly .

    Now I have the same program with another PC with Windows XP Professional, but the same operation (reinstalling) didn't worked

    Has anyone suggestions?

    P.S.: Sorry for my english...

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    the skins are probably affecting winamp's shutdown procedure.

    theirs not much you can do but use other skins, or wait for some of the bugs to be ironed out of the skinning system.

    or use the default skin
    (most skins from shouldn't make winamp crash)

    also any plug-ins(components) or scripts could also make winamp shutdown incorrectly


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      I had the exact same problem reinstall winamp without the Internationalization support option.